Global warming is not true essay

global warming is not true essay

an issue that there is no scientific evidence to back. New data shows that in fact the Earth has not warmed at all over the last 15 years. Yet, for some reason it is accepted that global warming is scientifically undeniable. The planet's climate has indeed been changing for billions of years, but experts say that humans are now the driving force in that change. For years, many politicians have evaded the issue of global warming. Citing research of William. "Climate has been changing for four billion years he told business leaders in September. The skeptics contend that uncertainties do not warrant alarm or huge investments to launch a transition away from fossil fuels. Several modelers ran both cases 1 and 2 described above one including human-induced changes and one with only natural sources. Whether you believe in global warming or not, I urge you to do the research.

Climate Change: Is it Real and Important? What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled

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Whats the evidence on performance of climate models? " In a paper that was published in Science Magazine, seven scientists concluded that the Earth is on a 1 500 year cycle. In May, Donald Trump promised to cancel all US donations to UN programmes fighting global warming. Yale economist refutes climate-change skeptics who use his research to recommend standing pat. We dont need complicated statistical analysis to see that temperatures are rising.

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