Masters thesis requirements

masters thesis requirements

in indelible black ink. Literature review a detailed literature search should be performed to identify prior work in the topic area. The Secretariat is responsible for enrolling students, registering students for courses at the beginning of each semester, issuing certificates concerning the academic status of the students and dealing with their requests. If a student registers for Semester I and completes all of the requirements for the degree during that semester, a fee for Semester II will not be charged, even though the degree itself is formally conferred at the end of Semester. Mathematical formulas, diagrams, and other illustrative materials should be avoided. Numbering of references. Final examination 1) Regulations regarding of assessment the thesis: 2 the final draft of the thesis is submitted to the supervisor.

Introductory courses and courses from specializations out of the students area of specialization. Soft copy is sub- mitted to the advisor and to the graduate school. A second failure shall result in termination. Any student wishing to receive additional certified copies of his diploma is requested to apply for them through the Academic Secretariat of the University. The Text: Every effort should be made to have the manuscript as perfect as possible in form and appearance. The School Office will make all the arrangements regarding bounding the thesis.

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Submission of a research proposal within 9 months from the date of provisional admission. Please contact: Andrew Creamer in the Library. Program in Desert Studies is a two-year program. It may not be revised in any way after it is presented. The Signature Page: As part of the overall completion process, the student must separately submit one signature page, which should be on archival quality paper. In the spirit of the dissemination of new knowledge that is a hallmark of higher education, a thesis or dissertation will be subject to web searches and unrestricted downloads unless the student requests to opt out of the system and have the thesis or dissertation unavailable for download. The student must meet with his/her advisor no later than eight weeks prior to the students anticipated gradua- tion to insure that the study and its results will satisfy the thesis requirements and to discuss the current draft of the paper. Glossy photos with good shading contrast are required. Extensions to this period will be considered, but the School will provide no stipend or housing. Pages containing handwritten corrections, typewritten strikeovers and unsightly erasures and the like will not be accepted. An electronic file submitted through the ETD will appear in the Library's discovery service and in the Brown digital repository. Distribution, hard copies shall be given to the students advisor and each committee member for reading prior to and reference during the oral presentation.