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the initial expression of philosophical views that would find their culmination in the Enlightenment - all helped to stimulate. Bibliography edit Further reading edit External links edit. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. How many other false doctrines were ringingly affirmed by Christ for the sake of diplomacy? Some Evangelicals have labelled the conservative or traditional view as "verbal, plenary inspiration of the original manuscripts by which they mean that each word (not just the overarching ideas or concepts) was meaningfully chosen under the superintendence of God. In particular, those who hold to Verbal Plenary Inspiration argue that the Textus Receptus or "Received Text" of the New Testament is the particular Scripture God preserved. Stated differently, if the Bible is shown to be false in those areas that can be checked on, why should it be believed in the areas that cannot be checked on (i.e. Many Evangelicals consider biblical inerrancy and/or biblical infallibility to be the necessary consequence of the Bible's doctrine of inspiration (see, for example, the Westminster Confession of Faith or the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy ). Definitions, the evangelical debate on this issue has been called the infallibility. Griffen, it was written, "no respected Evangelicals maintain that God dictated the words of Scripture." 22 The Evangelical position has been criticized as being circular by non-Christians and as well as Christians such as Catholic and Orthodox authors, who accept the doctrine of biblical inspiration. Verify the claims deductively by eliminating unsatisfactory explanations (not covered here).

It is too easy to demonstrate error in the thinking of the church in history. Then why the concern by those who hold to Verbal Plenary Inspiration? Evangelical apologists such as John. The original existence of an inerrant text bears heavily on the whole theology of revelation including the reliability of the imperfect texts that we now have. 8:44 with reference to Gen. The Human Authors Corroborate Christ's Position. 3:5 "truly I say etc. 17:32; 11:30 for examples. Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. They claim the so-called verbal plenary view (or total inerrancy view) was the formulation of rationalistic Western thinking of late 19th century Fundamentalist theologians (Hodge, Warfield, friends) and therefore should not be equated with orthodoxy.

We offer free Bible teachings, class materials and essays. 1340 Community Park., Columbus OH 43229. See a short outline including Jesus' teachings on inspiration in Verbal Plenary Inspiration, by Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt.

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