Split ring resonator thesis

split ring resonator thesis

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split ring resonator thesis

Simulace byly provedeny metodou konench. AB - This bachelor thesis is focused on analysis of split - ring resonators in THz region. Klov slova: antna s povrchovou vlnou; drtov mdium; houbov struktura; kompaktn antna; Metamateril; rezonann. This bachelor thesis is focused on analysis of split - ring resonators in THz region. V vodu je rozebrno, co metamaterily jsou, jak se vytvej a kter jejich vlastnosti jsou podstatn pi nvrhu rezontor.

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Na fotografii jsou mdn trbinov rezontory srrsrr Split Ring Resonator, kruhov trbinov rezontor.
using complementary split ring resonators (Csrrs) is applied to design a compact UWB antenna wishing for the rejection of some.
with Step Metal Ring Physical Acoustics.

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