Critical essays on film

critical essays on film

the sheer exuberance of her personality that the site achieves its success. Paul Fileri Unexplained Cinema If the blogosphere is a realm thats predisposed to linguistic profusion, Unexplained Cinema stands out for its beguiling reticence. Matthew Connolly Scanners In the realm of Internet criticism, theres been a lot of commentary on the gulf dividing fanboys and academics, but when it comes to unfortunately polarizing tendencies, theres still another Great Schism: the altar boys and the assholes: humorlessly earnest, mind-numbingly reverent. The comparison between Sunset Boulevard as an allegory for the studio which produced it (p. That project became The House Next Door. Content of the index is drawn from more than 210 scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals; and also indexes a variety of documents such as biographical profiles; conference papers; obituaries; interviews; discographies; reviews and events. Paul Fileri Film-Philosophy In the world of online film publications, Film-Philosophy qualifies as a firmly entrenched fixture. Character representation (including multi-representation and misrepresentation) is a driving motif in Wilders vision and versions of noir. The sewage pipe Andy crawls through is like a birth canal. Conan the Barbarian : The Thulsa Doom serpent cult in the film was a perfect analogy for the hippie movement, with its focus on converting young people to blood orgies and training them to kill their parents. Wilders movement across urban landscapes signifies both alienation and hope an uncertainty that would be repeated throughout his career.

Particularly revealing are side-by-side comparisons of a single titles competing regional releases, in which the often staggering differences in transfer quality have to be seen to be believed. Trondsen, and Nick Wrigley. The author points to the frisson of James Cagneys image-as-America in One, Two, Three (1961 and how both Sunset Boulevard and Fedora (1978) play with the de/construction of a constructed identity. For connoisseurs of criticism, DAngelos voice is immediately recognizable for its unique cadence: a blistering mix of erudition and wit thats at once stimulating and pleasurable, thorny and inviting.

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Although he would openly dismiss its value, Arens locates intriguing intertexts with the Austrian Volksst├╝ck, operetta, and the UFA Berlin film musicals of the 1920s and early 30s. Violet Lucca Senses of Cinema A veritable institution in the world of online film journals, the 10-and-a-half-year-old Senses of Cinema continues to be one of the most vigorously diverse sources of scholarly research and commentary on the Web. Corporate capitalism absorbs Sabrinas unstable Cinderella figure (Western Europe as protectorate; Paris as inert utopian playground but Smiths look at Wilders geopolitical lovemaking also underscores that America is still awed by European culture capital (p. It tended to produce. Sifting through the several thousand articles on the site, a reader cant help but feel nostalgic for the days when Rosenbaum was producing his lucid, erudite prose on a regular basis. One is what one can be, the director discovers early.