Essays on sleep deprivation

essays on sleep deprivation

busy lifestyle, the days are just not long enough to get everything done. Lawrence J Epstein stated in a 2005 Survey completed by the National Sleep Foundation that seven percent of Adults had at least one symptom of either waking up multiple times during the night or snoring. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (nhtsa) estimates that approximately 100,000 police-reported crashes annually (about.5 of all crashes) involve drowsiness or fatigue as a principal factor in the accident. The exact cause of sleep is still unknown to scientists, however many theories on how and why we sleep are in circulation. Scientific studies show that lack of sleep can be compared to the impairment of drinking alcohol. What people may not know is how dangerous it can be to not get enough sleep. Enhanced serotonin helps your body function in a more productive way, leading to a healthier lifestyle. People tend to have a late night meal that can cause them to stay up either because they are full or have consumed too many late night calories; this can make them experience a boost of energy preventing them from sleeping. You may not notice your mistake, but a death certificate leaves an erasable mark on families. As Cate described, "This increased prevalence may, in fact, be associated with increased sensitivity to arousal-producing the essay of men stress hormones, such as CRH and cortisol (5). We function every day in our busy lives and sometimes don't even realize what we are doing to our bodies.

essays on sleep deprivation

Sleep Deprivation is one of the most common problems held in the United States.
Sleep Deprivation essaysSleep is such a mysterious thing, because there is still so much research about the subject still going.
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(Dahl 1) After a bad night of sleep I know I have spent countless classes struggling to keep my eyes open. This is why it seems very peculiar to me that approximately sixty percent of college students get less then the recommended eight hours of sleep. Different cause and effect for sleep deprivation. At least 71,000 people are injured in fall-asleep crashes each year. This can lead to serious problems if it is not addressed.