Essay on our world in 2025

essay on our world in 2025

carbon living. It wont be long before we will have mapped how the human brain works and technology companies will be competing to host the back up of our brains online - like a brain cloud. The reports of cases of corrupt officials have died down in numbers. Ethical Machines Automa0on spreads beyond trading and managing systemic risk. Beliefs and Belonging. This will impact every aspect of our lives - for example it could transform the criminal justice system. Africa Growth With a land mass bigger than India, China, the US and Europe combined, few doubt the scale of the African con0nent and its resources. For example, the taxi app Uber didnt even exist in 2008 and is now valued at more than 25billion while a number of new technology-based businesses such as AirBnB and Snapchat are already valued at over 6billion. There are a lot of hard-working scientists who are putting their efforts to make sure that India doesnt lack behind in the technology. Recent superpowers seek to moderate the pace of change but the reali0es of popula0on and resource loca0ons are immoveable. The drainage systems are working perfectly.

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For example, handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets now allow us to how to make a professional resume have live video conversations with our friends, translate instantaneously between multiple languages, watch full length videos and monitor diverse aspects of our health from blood pressure to oxygen flow and stress levels. Advances in AI will gather pace in the next decade. By 2050 there will be more plas0c than sh in the worlds oceans. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation? Shrinking Middle While the global middle class grows, in the West increasing inequality for some drives a rela0ve decline in middle-income popula0ons. I would try to spread my vision to my locality and convince others to work sincerely for the progress of our country, for their future, for the future of India. All of the major vehicle manufacturers are working on autonomous or driverless cars - a form of robot that we will see coming to market in the next few years. Org The worlds leading open foresight program What do you think? Speed to Scale Greater global connec0vity, growing consumer wealth and broader reach all combine to accelerate the 0me to 1bn customers and a 10bn valua0on for start-ups and new corporate ventures alike. Truth and Illusion The Internet has democra0sed knowledge and changed the nature of who we trust and why. Together these re-write the rules and propose a collabora0ve landscape of all working together. (Image: m financial Services, by 2025, the financial services landscape will have been transformed by digital currencies like the Bitcoin, open markets and a wave of new providers offering crowd based solutions for everything from insurance to equity investment and commercial financing.