Destiny of life essay

destiny of life essay

written the tale. The concept is simple enough to understand and comprehend by everybody, may it be the old or the youth. But they are wrong. All of the aspects of our lives are because of our decisions, decisions that gradually make up who we really are and where we want. Something that cannot escape your attention, if you are Indian in the 1940s or knows some Indian history, is Nehrus mention of Mahatma Gandhi, though his name is never spoken. He uses a metaphor again in the first part of the speech, when he says: India will awake to life and freedom. The second time Nehru calls Gandhi the architect of this freedom, father of our nation, who embodying the old spirit of India, held aloft the torch of freedom and lighted up the darkness that surrounded us that really gives outsiders an image of this great. Building on her relationship with her own father, Paley show more content, finally, it is obvious that these two stories mirror each other in the sense that they are about tenuous but essential connections between parents and their children.

For example, in exams we have the choices on either we will get a high or low score. The so-called long-ago decided destiny possesses no evidence.

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Milton uses Genesis as a foundation and details the events starting with Satans fall, moving to the creation of the world, Adam, and Eve, and ending with Adam and Eve being sent away from Paradise. For instance, the bible tells us that we have the power to choose between the evil forces and the angelic forces. We people make our own destiny. He, meanwhile, rejects her tale because he sees in it her inability to face tragic realities of fiction and life, including his impending death. He loves her, but does not approve of her dropping out of school, her writing style, or her views on life. And along with that, hope. They take it that whatever they do and wherever they go, their destinies are responsible for.

Would he have wanted her to be more like him? No one can really prove the belief for nobody has ever seen the forces enclosing the nature of our life. By telling is wonderful, poetic tale of India Nehru uses many metaphors. Eve's Destiny - 731 Words, john Miltons Paradise Lost is detailing story of the creation and fall of Adam and Eve, as well as the origin and temptation of Satan. Even in simple situations, the authority always lies within.

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