Fine writing paper london border

fine writing paper london border

pencil or ink annotations, original printed paper boards, boards loose but holding, remains of backstrip. Crisp working order, double or single action. Barrels rotated by hand, pulled forward to eject shells. 28 e gallovidian: An illustrated Southern Counties Magazine. 600, click to Enlarge back to top 1608) Indian Katar, 17th - 18th Century. Printed by William Brown and sold by Brash Reid, John Smith. Wood grip retains original leather in good condition.

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Line of pistols that began with the Elliot Light Dragoon pistol of 1759. Viscount Melville: Heads of Mr Dundas's speech On the 25th of February 1793. 2,800 Click to Enlarge back to top 1880) A Nice Quality Overcoat Pistol by Patrick, Liverpool. Hilt with high quality brass mounts, finely hand chased and engraved, retain small traces of original gilding, ebonized spiral carved original grip capped with pommel ensuite with cross-guard. Pp.3-35, verso blank, 12, with 12 litho. These pads rarely survive, but can be seen on two very similar Caucasian pistols illustrated in Claude Blair's "Pistols of the World plates 810 and 811 (these pistols in the Bernisches Historisches Museum, Bern). Fine stock, never cleaned or refinished, harley davidson case study essay no cracks or repairs, only a few very minor service dings, stamped with rondel "Crown / RM / enfield" over "1" for First Class Arm. Receiver right side marked "farquharson'S / patent / 68" (68 is action serial number left side "george gibbs / bristol". Pp.6,148, ink inscription from William Blackwood, staining in top left hand margins, original cloth gilt, slightly faded 28 LD, alan.: A perpetual motion machine.