Multifamily market investment thesis statement

multifamily market investment thesis statement

segments and offer the most powerful property marketing capacity for multifamily properties regardless of size and location. Raising property income and lowering expenses will increase NOI. Refinance, convert to another use such as condos or long-term senior care. Except for affordable housing developed using tax credits, most new development is Class A and much is occurring in areas benefitting from the trend to urbanization. Talk with successful multifamily real good close reading essay estate investors. Other Developments in Financing, an additional major issue in financing is the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Information deemed accurate but not warranted. . Are you looking for cash flow? 2013 Key Topics and Developments, national Rental Fundamentals - Moderating Growth.

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NEW york, NY november 20, 2014. The change relates to the tax rate caps passed in 2008 (and later made part of the state constitution) to prevent huge tax increases property owners received as the state transitioned from an assessment system based on food packaging research papers replacement cost to one based on market value. Based on Ben Bernankes statement in May that the Fed would begin tapering its monetary stimulus this fall, interest rates on the 10 year treasury surged from.6 to almost.0 between May and August of 2013. A weak job market, firm credit standards, and large student debt burdens have closed the door to many who might seek home ownership. For example, you might want to add value to an underperforming asset by addressing deferred maintenance, increasing net operating income (NOI) and putting top-notch management in place. As part of the urbanization trend, more development will occur in locations that require creative financing. The sheer number of maturing loans in the next five years, coupled with increased interest rates, will most likely result in an active market for private sales (to avoid default) and/or the return of the REO sale as a more sizeable percentage of future sales.

Instead, Millennials seek the freedom from maintenance and flexibility offered by renting, and many prefer a more urbanized living experience offering the convenience and social stimulation of living close to neighbors, work, shopping and many entertainment options. These are important questions you must answer. More importantly, there is discussion in Congress to end the agencies as we know them and replace them with limited government guaranties of loans originated by private lenders. As are the following: What Type of Multifamily Property Will You Buy?

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