Online store diploma thesis

online store diploma thesis

Objectives The first objective of the report is to establish a general definition and a historic overview of the internet and electronic commerce. For all the help over the last year I would like to thank my partner Chris who has shown amazing strength throughout very difficult times. The level of satisfaction was very high with an average figure.34 out of five. The most important issue stated by Stiftung Warentest is that German profit margins are often under 1 which is much lower than in the. The literature review is viewing books, journals, newspapers and internet articles. Within the 30 biggest companies world wide there are three British companies: Tesco on rank 10, Sainsbury rank 14 and Safeway on rank.

online store diploma thesis

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The last category consists of industries which are selling high volumes on the Net like the clothing and electronics industry. 4.3 Perception of online food shopping? The development of the Internet started in 1968 with the aim to create a communication tool for military purposes (Leiner et al, no date). The next part investigates literature concerning several German and UK companies and their approaches in depth. T-online states that German consumers are alarmed by the economy and that the spending behaviour is deeply affected. The findings are compared with the knowledge gained from the literature review and build into the general picture. A six step market approach proposed by Tanskanen et al (2002) is supposed to build a successful Internet food shopping process. They differ from Warehouse Stores and Supermarkets to Discounters and Hypermarkets. Webber argues that this development will increase the pressure to find other ways of marketing. PlanetRetail (2002) states the main source of income of each company. The first part of the research project was the review of existing literature to build up knowledge about the history and definition of the Internet and to give a market overview of Germany and the.

Asked why the UK company Tesco is successful but German companies struggle to provide online shopping they emphasise the differences in the markets. The beliefs are that consumers need all shopped goods immediately and that they want to choose fresh goods themselves.