Pot should be legal essay

pot should be legal essay

wipe out organized crime and violence amongst gangs and cartels. Builders in France and Germany use hemp for construction material, replacing dry wall and plywood (Rosenthal 63). He also rejected the argument that allowing sick people to use the drug would encourage people to use take the drug. Even the DEAs own judge agrees that is wrong to keep marijuana from sick people. Because of the misconceptions of the drug and plain old ignorance. Furthermore, legalization would reduce the enormous amount of money spent on enforcement while at the same time increasing our countrys revenue.

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It is linked with stereotypical lifestyles. So why is the basic liberty of deliberately using cannabis to alter sawyer college essays ones state of mind illegal in our nation? If something has been banned for only a short period of time, then the ban is seen as unstable. Ve about the damage that marijuana causes or perhaps are users themselves. Aizkalns 5 perfect food. Cannanbidiol is the active ingredient in pot, which induces sleep. Yes, there are some negative sides to marijuana becoming legal but everything has a negative side effect to them.

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