Essay on flower garden

essay on flower garden

unfurled, casting off their calyx and fuming to face the sun. If ever there was an innocent angle from which to gaze at the opium poppy, our culture seems long ago to have forgotten where. So, yes, I was curious to know if I could make opium at home, especially if I could do so without making a single illicit purchase. As I would do with any fellow flower enthusiast, I asked him if he had any seeds he might be willing to share with me and told him about the varieties Id found in the catalogues. One told me a story about a DEA agent on vacation in Idaho whod tipped off the county sheriff that poppies were being grown in local gardens; another had heard that the DEA had recently ordered the removal of the poppies growing at Jeffersons Monticello. London: Adam Charles Black, 1971. One might think that this would have been the end of Jim Hogshires ordeal.

The subtle hand behind these efforts apparently belonged to Larry Snyder, and I decided the time had come for me to talk to him. Its hard to believe that commercially available flowers could produce such effects, and at times the claims in Hogshires book had reminded me of earlier household highssmoking banana peels, for instance (they call me mellow yellow, Donovan had purred back in 1967 eating morning-glory seeds. (Black tar is a cheap form of heroin from Mexico.) I say, let em at itits not going to be a big problem. After all, they were writing on hemp paper. (The Cable Guy was in the movie theaters that week.) This is, I know, terribly unfair to dim Hogshire, who strikes me as a decent-enough fellow, but I kept thinking about something disturbing that hed told me: that, after his eviction, he had given some. 7 In the preceding decade, expatriate Americans led by Edwin Austin Abbey created an Anglo-American society at Broadway, Worcestershire, where topiary was one of the elements of a "Cotswold" house-and- garden style soon naturalised among upper-class Americans at home. That an act as ordinary and blameless as the planting of a handful of common and perfectly legal seeds could somehow transport one into the country of criminality.

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