Daca status on college application personal essays

daca status on college application personal essays

not have the same privileges and rights as other American and documented citizens. Our institutions work with countless other organizations and associations that want justice for Dreamers. Complete THE fafsa, before you fill out the fafsa, contact your schools financial aid office and explain your situation. Even as we care for our students, as academics we also need to stand up for the truth. ASK admissions offices HOW your status will affect THE application process. Consider THE campus AND ITS surrounding community. While caring for our Dreamers, we cannot forget our other students. I have never seen such intense public words from the bishops in characterizing the Trump action - words like reprehensible and heartless and malicious. Many of them came with dream of getting a better education and hope to further their education and attending colleges of their choice.

This is precisely the place where teaching intersects with advocacy, and we cannot shrink from that responsibility. Human lives are at stake. If youre unsure whether you qualify for admission, financial aid or anything else, be sure to ask and double check any answers you receive.

Whether daca was an appropriate exercise of executive authority is an interesting legal debate, but the plain fact remains that the United States provided a legitimate form of humanitarian relief to Dreamers that should not be removed abruptly for political reasons. Fixing daca is not just a higher education issue but a national challenge that has galvanized businesses and organizations from Silicon Valley to the.S. How to stay informed. Dont assume that every school will be unwilling to provide financial assistance. The Catholic colleges operate in collaboration with usccb.