Impressionist art essay

impressionist art essay

of the work of Impressionism. Due to the war the economy in France was devastated during this time by German invasion in major industrial areas. Such an appeal to social reality opened a way to the emergence of a new art. Impressionists broke the traditional guidelines of painting which drew a hostile reaction from the public at first. At the same time, such a first departure from the idea that the artist must transmit the object so photo-realistically made the emergence of abstract painting, Gauguins color theory, the deconstructivist experiments of Picasso, etc. In this work Monet portrays his view of the houses of Parliament across the Thames River in London from his room in the Savoy Hotel. (France in the 20th Century, 2013) There are many similarities and a few differences between art during the Impressionism and Post- Impressionism Eras. During this time thousands of France also fled the country to places like England, Spain, and even he United States. The new principles have affected not only art, but also literature, music, and theater. The Salon des Refuss was a place where Impressionism was born. Post Impressionism influenced the art world by bringing painting into a more realistic phase and by introducing new techniques that are still used in painting today.

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Van Gogh completed this and many of his works from within the confines of Stain Paul-De-Mausoleum, an asylum in France. Berthe Morisot's favorite subjects were more domestic and tamed, showing her family and friends socializing at home. The opinion about the unimportance of the object allows the analysis and study of everyday life, due to which there was a large number of urban landscapes, scenes from the life of ordinary Parisian and atypical for the previous artists still life. Being exhibited in the Salon meant being advertised and known among people who have enough financial opportunities to order a painting or buy an existing work. The style of drawing was so different from the canonical one that the first critics believed that the explorers were amateurs or bad artists who could not draw (Moss). Additionally both periods used some of the same techniques in relation to distinct brush strokes, thick application of paint, and use of vivid and sometimes unrealistic paint colors. In history, many different societies have emerged throughout time. Frances economy continued to struggle even after the war as they were behind in industry.

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Impressionism essaysIn the late nineteenth century, a group of painters, who.
A ll painted in a style that French art critic, Louis Leroy, called Impressionism.
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