Computer science thesis vs non thesis

computer science thesis vs non thesis

environmental, and societal context. P.S.: I believe there is a subtle difference in your title/diploma if you do or do not do a thesis: if you do, you get a "Master in Science. 2, likes 2, likes, mohammad: From your response to my first advice, I see that you are too far advanced in your masters program to start on a Thesis. Our graduates will have in-depth knowledge and dexterity in design tools and will be able to specialize not only in classical areas of electronics engineering and computer science, but also in mathematical, computational, physical, and life sciences. If you want to continue in academia, having a good Master's thesis to point to in your PhD program application is probably better than having nothing. Note: Program educational objectives are those aspects of engineering that help shape the curriculum; achievement of these objectives is a shared responsibility between the student and stanbul ehir University. Last updated Mar 08 '17 at 15:00. The Electronics and Computer Engineering (ECE) Master's Program was designed for students with backgrounds in Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science (CS). Educational Mission of the Master Program in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Graduate admissions - which option should i prefer Thesis vs Non

computer science thesis vs non thesis

D Candidate and describing why/what you could contribute. Sorry you are in such an uncertain situation. As one who has interviewed many candidates during my engineering career, this was a topic that I'd always ask about. Hopefully you can get some good recommendations from some of your professors. You will receive your account through your e-mail at the beginning of your first semester. This skill will be a great advantage throughout your career.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of course-based and How to choose between a thesis and a non-thesis master s degree MS in CS: Thesis Computer Science - The

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