The film gladiator essay

the film gladiator essay

Roman citizens witness wholesale slaughter by a Caesar himself, dressed as a gladiator and acting like a madman. Sometimes animals killed other animals. He fights his way to fame with new identity. The second husband of Lucilla, Tiberius Claudius Pompeianus of Antioch, who had held the office of consul twice, was whom the plotters sought to make emperor. Under the floor were a series of labyrinth passageways. Commodus entry at De Imperatoribus Romanis.

Ask our professional writer! The emperor is very old and weak, so he decides to pass his power down to Maximus Decimus Meridius, a general of the Roman army, who enjoys great support of the masses because of his honesty, loyalty and valor. The Gladiator shows the realistic ways of how gladiators were brought to fight in the arena, working up the ladder to fame and hopefully release. Maximus, being a protagonist, is an embodiment of a perfect hero brave, smart, skilful. In the Coliseum away from the wild animals that were often brought into the arena Romes citizens were safely seated, separated by class distinctions. Maximus finds himself fighting for his life in the vicious gladiator arenas, where he uses his fame to spark unrest among the oppressed Roman citizens. Lucilla was then exiled and eventually executed. The events are set in Germania, where Emperor Marcus Aurelius is drawing his war campaign against barbarian tribes to an end. Near the end of his disastrous rule, the Emperor Commodus was in the arena, a gladiator, dressed as Hercules Venator (Hercules, the Hunter). The story is basically about Maximus, a well-respected general who is stripped of his rank when the evil Commodus takes over the Roman Empire in 180. Eventually, Commodus succumbs to the challenge, and the two faces off for a battle that will send one man to his death.