Role of sports in education essay

role of sports in education essay

their graduation. They go in for swimming, skiing, cycling or jogging. Students are provided with a curriculum and they are tested on basic of curriculum, anything beyond the curriculum or text book will be allotted marks provided the question must be attempted by student. Essay, sports, sports interest people not less than science, culture, music and travelling. It provides best possible settlement not only in India but also in many western countries. Moreover taking up a sport has also many psychological benefits. One of the most beautiful kinds of sports is figure-skating. The favourite Polish sport is football.

role of sports in education essay

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Parent should guide their kids in a beneficial manner. Firstly, it relieves the stresses of everyday life and secondly, it helps individuals identify with a group and replace their loneliness with the security of belonging. Then comes the 11th and 12th grade, here we find students concentrating on studies. The parents responsibility is to provide the education of their children choice. Posted Date: Updated: 21-Mar-2012 Category: General, author: Sesha, member Level: Gold, points: 60, today in modern world education plays a vital role in the society.