Essay on untouchability is a crime

essay on untouchability is a crime

Commission, to find out more about the status of the Dalits in the country and to explore remedial measures. When Dronacharya comes to know of this, he exacts his fees from the autodidact in the form of Ekalavyas thumb thus rendering him incapable of archery anymore. Propaganda against untouchability should be made. The succour and superstition of another religion will do little to change the lot of the Dalits. According to Hindu practice, only the upper castes have the right to study the Vedas. The Brahmin boy comes back to life In Manu Smriti different punishments are reserved for english dialogue essay 3 person the same crime, depending on the culprits caste. Minister Brahma Naidu of Palnadu (14 Century, CE) in Andhra Pradesh condemned the practice and appointed an untouchable named Chenna as his army chief. Author Name author Email. Some decade-old massacres of Dalits have not yet reached the prosecution stage. In Maharashtra an untouchable wore a black thread either in his neck or on his wrist for ready identification, while in Gujarat a horn had to be worn for identification. Ambedkar, along with half a million other Dalits, converted to Buddhism.

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Untouchability has damaged the self-image and prestige of the scheduled castes. Atheist and Humanist reformers like Periyar (1879-1973) and Gora (1902-1975) fought against the indignity of the caste system and introduced inter-dining thus trying to break one of Hinduisms biggest taboos. Interestingly, one of the most feared flunkeys of the apartheid regime, Adrian Vlok, minister for law and order under.W. The Brahmins are the learned, the Kshatriyas are the warriors, the Vaishyas are the traders, and the Sudras perform menial tasks and physical labour. Untouchability is an age-old practice in India. Ambedkar was born into an untouchable caste.

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