Comparing poems from different cultures cluster 1 essay

comparing poems from different cultures cluster 1 essay

at You should provide your own writing implement. Back to top Sometimes you will want students to work alone (in which case you may need to be very firm in preventing distractions). This will give you and your teacher some problems - while you are preparing, you will of course want to make notes. P, e E read more. In the case of poetry this may be about themes and ideas, and about how the poems may touch on the readers' personal experience. Click here to find out ) by stating that they each explore ideas of nationality and identity. These are divided into two sections: post 1914 Prose (Section A) and pre- and post-1914 Poetry (Section B) Section A - the prose texts in the Anthology are mostly shorter than the other set texts. Preparing for exams can be a way to make students take things seriously and study texts closely - but no-one would recommend an exam as the best way to make you have a lifelong passion for poetry. Slide 3, similarly, My Last Duchess' is unlike.

Poems, from, different, cultures, cluster 1 - Presentation in gcse English

comparing poems from different cultures cluster 1 essay

comparing poems from different cultures cluster 1 essay

Poetry essay/coursework comparison Comparing and connecting the two poems.
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Is it a special language, or everyday language used in special ways or something else? Tell them that examiners have to give credit for these types of analysis. This refers to pronouns: First person: singular I/me ; plural we/us Second person: singular you and old fashioned or regional thou/thee ; plural you Third person: singular he she, it/him, her ; plural they/them A text may be written in the first person if the. This guide gives a general introduction to the. Back to top Putting the poems together As you study the poems, you will see how they have certain things in common - perhaps the same subject, or theme, or maybe something less obvious like their interesting use of language and some features of form. Back to top For each poem, make sure that you comment on the particular features that the examiners ask for (such as the poet's attitude to love, or to time and change). Start each answer on a new page - always leave room for more at the end of an answer. Laboratory discussing how the poet's use of emotive language conveys confused feelings of love, hurt and anger and how this leads to thoughts of revenge. You should not make them learn detailed points of interpretation in a given sequence (examiners will see this as the prepared essay, and award low marks). In the case of poetry and stories, however, teachers may want, some of the time, to encourage rather deeper reflection on timeless truths and more serious questions.

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